combat control

6 Camera Shoot.

Pitch to final delivery of video: 6 weeks.

Besides production of the film, also developed the wireless communication mechanism and organised the event.

Campaign objectives

Increase Brand Awareness

Engagement with Video Gaming Audience


Over 111,000 organic views in three months.

Localised in 5 languages for Russian, German, Turkish, French and British Markets.

Call to Action post video was to play a quiz and find your “Fighter Mojo”, which you then share on social network.

Over 24,000 played the quiz and nearly 3,000 bought the product which came as a pleasant surprise as Revenue was not the objective for this campaign.

Ekstasy understood our requirements so clearly and it showed in the finished product which generated over 110k video views. They never compromised on the quality of their work - even when the deadline was short - showing the integrity and commitment of the team. They were a fantastic company to work with to bring our campaign to life.

Kat Kidby

‎EMEA Marcoms & Social Media Manager

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