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olive green

Filming in London and Oxford across 25 locations. Crew of 30 members worked with a cast of 45 actors.
Filmed on feature film camera - Arri-Alexa paired with Cooke S4 lenses.
The dialogue of the film has been written in strict guidance of the actual language learning course. It mirrors the 5 levels of difficulty as you progress through the film.

Campaign Objectives

Attract New Customers

Differentiate in e-learning market

Increase Revenue


World’s First Interactive Feature Film for English Language Learning - Olive Green.

New customers from across Europe, China and Latin America.

Product becomes the best selling product for SuperMemo World.

New Product available via DVD, online interactive portal, Google Play and App Store.

Our aim was to obtain high quality film material within a relatively low budget and tight schedule. With great energy, conviction and courage, Ekstasy made it possible for us, to the best of our expectations.

Alicja Jankowiak

SuperMemo World

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