One Team. One Goal.


Through The Ages.

A football was symbolic to a sale. It travels from the different departments to the warehouse, yard and ultimately gets loaded onto a Keyline truck ready for delivery.

International Award winning Freestyle footballers dressed as Keyline employees took over the Keyline Reading offices to make this amazing film happen. It was shot over 2 days using two 4K Sony FS7 cameras.

Famous characters from the past enter a present day builder’s merchant shop to ask for building materials to help them build things like a Pyramid, Titanic, Noah’s Ark, Hadrian’s Wall, Spaceship for ET and others.

It was a fun film to show how Keyline has been around for a long time and possibly has helped literally everyone. Three cameras were used to shoot this film. There are over 10 comedy sketches and the total run time of the film is approximately 14 mins.