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Sugarbeat launch

Nemaura challenged Ekstasy to produce a global integrated campaign for the launch of their CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device called SugarBEAT. It is the world’s first non-invasive CGM system that gives a reading every 5 mins and can be monitored via Smart Watch or iPhone.

Ekstasy produced a product launch video, designed the product landing page and also designed the App for the iPhone.

Campaign objectives

Global Product Launch

Increase Brand Awareness

Lead Generation

Thought Leadership

Video production

The 3 min 45 second video shows interviews with real diabetics and discusses their issues and pain points such as finger pricking and dangers of diabetes. Most importantly they express their desire to have a pain free method of constant glucose monitoring and how something like SugarBEAT will change their lives for the better.

Website design

We have designed the page to be a one page slider which gives viewers information and also excites them about the SugarBEAT product. SugarBEAT is a device that truly helps diabetics and this page is making sure that it explains this very clearly.


The App has been designed for simplicity, easy of use and maximum functionality. The UI is neat and minimal and highlights the important information such as the reading.


Give SugarBEAT product an international appeal and visibility across the 422 million (as per 2014) diabetic community.

Garner interest from diabetics globally who would like to know more about this product.

Create a strong product and brand presence for SugarBEAT across App, landing page and video, to help position the product as the trustworthy, must have product for diabetics.

From the outset Ekstasy set themselves apart from the crowd by their no-nonsense frank forward thinking approach. There was no doubt about their creative abilities. Their systematic methodology and approach to articulating their own creative thought process was hugely beneficial for us the client, who are not versed in this field. The practical implementation was methodical, stepwise, and professionally implemented. We were kept in the loop throughout and our own requirements were dealt with sensitively and pragmatically. The outcome was an exemplary short video which accurately reflected what we wished to convey. Ekstasy’s concept creation and production process was professional, methodical, logical, and very well thought through, as it allowed for the output to be delivered efficiently and cost effectively.

Faz Chowdhury

CEO Nemaura Medical

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