Product Film


Brand Film


us international

Filmed in extreme climates. First Film across Scandinavia and the second film in Iceland.
Lowest recorded temperature, -31 degree.
Helicopters were used to film aerial shots.
Shot on Feature Film Camera - Arri-Alexa.

Campaign Objectives

Compete with Daikin, the product segment leader.

B2B Campaign targeted at Stockists, wholesalers and retailers.


Two videos were produced. One for N-Series Heat Pump and another for an upgraded model A3050.

Films and Photography were used as part of an integrated Online strategy, Trade Shows and Print.

Heat Pump became one of the highest selling white good product of the year 2014-2015

A B2B film was given a B2C creative treatment to make the film content engaging.

The end result of both of the projects have been mind blowing. My European customers have said that both of the films must have been probably the best films we have ever done for Samsung.

HaroldĀ de Vries

EU Marketing Executive

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