We are an award winning film
production and integrated
marketing agency

How we do it


You will be part of detailed Creative Brainstorm meetings to conceptualise an awesome idea for your content and promotion strategy in line with the campaign objectives, so content can reach the largest proportion of your target audience. Further we develop Storyboards, Scripts, Mood Boards, organise Actor Casting Sessions and Location Scouting.


We film all your videos in minimum 2K to 4K cinema resolution and film using feature film cameras such as Arri Alexa, Red or Black Magic. You are more than welcome on the film set. We will also create other types of content around the same key video message, such as Blogs, Linkedin Articles, Q&As, Infographics, Webinars, Slideshows, Podcasts, Groups, and manage postings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and other platforms.


Remember it is all about ‘Layered Communication’, which means multiple pieces of content around the same key message, so your marketing or advertising campaigns gets the maximum visibility and engagement, with the least ad dollar spend. Our content and campaigns and designed to help you build loyal online communities who are advocates and influencers for your brand.


We will measure the performance of all your campaign activity. Which will help us produce future content which is intelligent and listening to your audiences needs, so it can have maximum impact.